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Market news & sentiment from major outlets, in real time

News can immediately and significantly impact the price of stocks.
Investors can now use this technology to search for investment opportunities, profiting from news sentiments.

About our News Sentiment Tool

Although it may be challenging to put a precise number on how much of an effect news or unexpected changes inside a firm, industry, or the global economy have on investor mood, no one can deny that they have an effect.

Stocks and the stock market are susceptible to changes in response to the political climate, negotiations between nations or firms, product breakthroughs, mergers and acquisitions, and other unanticipated occurrences.

Investors in one nation might immediately feel the effects of news happening in another country due to the global nature of the securities trading industry and the interconnectedness of markets and economies. Moreover, the publication of company-specific news, such as an earnings report, may affect the value of a stock (particularly if the company posts after a lousy quarter).

Overall, our Stock News Sentiment tool provides a comprehensive analysis of the financial news landscape, empowering investors to make informed decisions based on sentiment and relevance.

Our Stock News Sentiment tool has been designed to help investors make informed decisions by analyzing news articles from over 50 reputable financial media outlets. The tool uses a scoring system to assess each news article’s sentiment, ranging from Very Bearish to Very Bullish. By assigning a score to each news article, investors can better understand the general sentiment around a particular stock or industry.

Our tool goes a step further and calculates each news article’s relevance. For example, a news article mentioning Apple while discussing the broader tech market has a lower weight than one entirely dedicated to Apple. Our tool ensures that investors only receive relevant news that will impact their investment decisions.

What is “Market Sentiment”?

The term “market sentiment” describes the feelings of buyers and sellers in the market. If there is a complex group, this is it. Sometimes, the market’s mood may be arbitrary, prejudiced, and unyielding. A good example is making an informed decision about a company’s growth potential and then having that decision confirmed by future events, but then having the stock stuck at an irrational high or low because the market is fixated on some irrelevant detail. However, there are situations when you may wait for an extended period expecting other investors to catch on to the fundamentals eventually.

Many of the ideas in behavioral finance corroborate observable suspicions, such as the fact that investors tend to place more weight on easily accessible data, that many investors react more strongly to losses than to gains of equal magnitude, and that investors often refuse to admit when they are wrong.

Some investors assert that they may profit from the principles of behavioral finance. Nonetheless, the area is still new enough that many people use it as a catch-all for phenomena that defy explanation.