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Users-Acquisition2Our tool estimates user acquisition by calculating the traffic on specific pages such as signup confirmation, payment confirmation, and access to pages available only to paying users from one side version cancellation pages. We think that this metric is particularly important to predict price variations during earning reports. This is why our analysis focuses on comparing user acquisition of the past earning report with the upcoming one.
Target-PriceAnalyst-RatingsIn this section we have collected the ratings and the average target price of main financial firms.

Users-Acquisition2Monitor a company’s online presence. This data is particularly valuable for web-based companies (particularly e-commerce’s, streaming services, online gaming platforms, etc.).

Know the balance sheet. From assets and liabilities to debt, equity and current cash runway


Trea’s Innovation Index provides a comprehensive look into every aspect of a company’s research and development.


Greenwich HR aggregates job listings from public and private sources. Job listings signal hiring action 1-3m ahead.